Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Write to me, I heard you say at last,
knowing well I would not,
no matter how politely you ask.

Yet, here I am scribbling this note
"I loved you , a little even now,
but We are not the same anymore"

"I have moved back to my past,
of lonely libraries, books and strangers
who turn away when they notice my scars"

"You have many roads to chose
wherever you might want to go,
my wishes you will not lose.

"Take this fading paper with you,
as you leave a trail of memories behind,
I will miss you a little,knowing you would too"

Image Source  - Magpie tales
for April A to Z challenge , Writer's Digest PAD day#3


  1. beautiful :) I will miss you a little,knowing you would too"

  2. Such delicate images. This is really good!

  3. SO touching and beautiful! There is a pathos in those words which we can all relate to- the idea of saying goodbye is so painful.



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