Wednesday, April 2, 2014


To be or not to be is an old delimna. What to be and what not to be is my current thought.

Be strong,
Be confident,
Be proud,
Be the best.

But more than that , i do not just want to be the way i am 'cause thats the only thing i know for now. Neither i can be any and all of these just by thinking. I rather want to become.

Become brave
Become confident
Become wiser
Become observant

How to be like this is what haunts me. I do not know wether am i doing it right. Or whom to seek feedback from when in doubt. But i am willing to keep seeking till i have the answers or a path forward to become the person i want to be. To be happy from myself and be able to challenge all odds. To be able to love myself as much as i love the people who matter.


  1. Yes. Be yourself. That's a very important Be for sure :)

  2. Love the post! To be happy with oneself, to be able to love oneself, i guess that would be the ultimate learning in liffe!


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