Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Write to me, I heard you say at last,
knowing well I would not,
no matter how politely you ask.

Yet, here I am scribbling this note
"I loved you , a little even now,
but We are not the same anymore"

"I have moved back to my past,
of lonely libraries, books and strangers
who turn away when they notice my scars"

"You have many roads to chose
wherever you might want to go,
my wishes you will not lose.

"Take this fading paper with you,
as you leave a trail of memories behind,
I will miss you a little,knowing you would too"

Image Source  - Magpie tales
for April A to Z challenge , Writer's Digest PAD day#3

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Life is a voyage
And I live it out of the boxes –
Those fixed shape , brown color ones;
That I call as cartons
‘cause it has car in it.
I need a car –
And a driver too for this life
One who would let me
Observe and explore
From the passenger side
And listen to all the things I say
With most inaccuracy
And as much conviction.
It is in these cartons
That I will pack each week
Clearly labeled and sorted,
Preserved in old newspapers
And cushioned with the words.
Each carton I would then throw away
To the endless roads in life
And wish my experiences reach
Some dreamer like me
Who woyld follow the trails
and find me some day
Sitting idle on another road
Sorting my lonely carton
While others pass me by,
He alone would stop
And match the signs,
Match his heart to mine,
And make me his home-
No longer living out of a box
But for this shiny carton full of love.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


To be or not to be is an old delimna. What to be and what not to be is my current thought.

Be strong,
Be confident,
Be proud,
Be the best.

But more than that , i do not just want to be the way i am 'cause thats the only thing i know for now. Neither i can be any and all of these just by thinking. I rather want to become.

Become brave
Become confident
Become wiser
Become observant

How to be like this is what haunts me. I do not know wether am i doing it right. Or whom to seek feedback from when in doubt. But i am willing to keep seeking till i have the answers or a path forward to become the person i want to be. To be happy from myself and be able to challenge all odds. To be able to love myself as much as i love the people who matter.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Accept what is,
Without bias,
Without fear.

Think it as
A beginning
Of new reality

Or maybe
It will end
All that is dear.

Accept yourself
Just the way you are
Uniquely flawed,

This could be
The very end
Of all masks

Or the birth
Of someone
You better hide.

Accept the challenge
To explore
And question

End the silence
That makes
Most noise n head,

Let the music play
A new you.A new way.


Written for A to Z challenge , poetic asides Poem A Day challenge