Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Street news

As soon as I read the theme , I knew the pic I would use.  This is the old street we lived before we moved into an apartment in a closed neat and clean colony. I never knew that it would make me write a hindi verse. I have done the translation in english below that :

Galiyon ke kisse
Ma se suna karte the,
Jab padosi
Rakhte the khabar
Ek dusre ki ..
Ab bas dikhte hai
Band darwaaje
Aur aasmaan ko jaati
Khali seediyaan.
Zindagi lift se
Upar neeche safar karti hai.

Mom used to tell
Street news
When neighbors
Kept tab on each other;
Life now travels silently
In building lifts
While closed doors stare
At the empty stairs
Reaching the skies.


  1. oh suburban life in little neighborhoods makes for the best gossip hehe Something like Desperate Housewives series

  2. That was beautifully said. It's hard to give up the old streets, old homes and no matter how much you love the new ones you always miss what you left behind.

  3. Sigh.. I have to agree. The feeling that you get in the bylanes of a colony are just not comparable to apartment living. Don't get me wrong. I love being in an apartment, especially for my daughter's sake. But I miss living in an area like this one.


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