Thursday, February 20, 2014


As soon as I read this word , i had 2 ideas to pursue but then a friend shared a "link" on whatsapp ;)

Yes , link , the alternate word for URL ( Uniform resource Locator ) is the only way i use or hear this word. No one knows how and when we started using link for URL but today "pass the link / share the link ) is easily understood.

URL is the address for any page available on the world wide web ( WWW ) or internet as we often call it.

The pic here is for all the links open in my phone browser, which are never less than 10 at a given time. Even though i do use bookmark feature for links i will read on laptop , i prefer to keep some pages open like this for immediate reading ( while travel or in tea breaks ).

And now to save this post and share the link with you all :D

Oh , for fun sake , i checked wiki for all possible definitions of link ~

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