Friday, February 21, 2014


"you don't have time to talk your wife!" She tossed her opinion mixed with question at the shadow spread on the floor. He looked up from his journal with an amused smile saying, "but i do love you. Now let me make tea for us".

"Thank god for tea love", she giggled.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


As soon as I read this word , i had 2 ideas to pursue but then a friend shared a "link" on whatsapp ;)

Yes , link , the alternate word for URL ( Uniform resource Locator ) is the only way i use or hear this word. No one knows how and when we started using link for URL but today "pass the link / share the link ) is easily understood.

URL is the address for any page available on the world wide web ( WWW ) or internet as we often call it.

The pic here is for all the links open in my phone browser, which are never less than 10 at a given time. Even though i do use bookmark feature for links i will read on laptop , i prefer to keep some pages open like this for immediate reading ( while travel or in tea breaks ).

And now to save this post and share the link with you all :D

Oh , for fun sake , i checked wiki for all possible definitions of link ~

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Street news

As soon as I read the theme , I knew the pic I would use.  This is the old street we lived before we moved into an apartment in a closed neat and clean colony. I never knew that it would make me write a hindi verse. I have done the translation in english below that :

Galiyon ke kisse
Ma se suna karte the,
Jab padosi
Rakhte the khabar
Ek dusre ki ..
Ab bas dikhte hai
Band darwaaje
Aur aasmaan ko jaati
Khali seediyaan.
Zindagi lift se
Upar neeche safar karti hai.

Mom used to tell
Street news
When neighbors
Kept tab on each other;
Life now travels silently
In building lifts
While closed doors stare
At the empty stairs
Reaching the skies.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Free to fly

The feet tapped to the music,she hummed along mindlessly. Suddenly she looked at her feet , the trinklets , the toe rings and she smiled at the symbols which others consider as being tied down. She on the other hand had found her wings. As she turned back to her work ,she scribbled this -

Sometimes freedom is in being trapped by love, with love. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A friendship lost

The tapestry with its myriad colors,
Where they once promised
To keep adding layers,
Of fun, adventure and tears;
Its colors have begun to fade
And the threads have come apart,
But it all wouldn't have mattered
Till the unsaid words seeped in,
Gradually it dissolved the plot
The blank canvas stretched on,
Mocking them both -
The one who never saw it coming
One who lived it all the while,still fearing so
A friendship now only alive in memories,
A friendship now lost.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Tum sang jeevan

Ghadi ka zamaana to hai nahi
Ki baar baar kalai dekhun,
Phone par nazar rehti hai lekin
Ki kab tum ko yaad aa jaaye,

Chai ki pyaali to milti nahi daftar me,
Jis se chuskiyaan li jaaye,
Kaghaz ke glass se thodi garmi le leti hoon,
Baaki kami subah wali chai ki yaad puri karti hai

Daftar se saath saath lautna to mumkin nahi,
Na hi ye kismat ki intezaar main.karun,
Tumko dekhne ki talab fir bhi waisi hai,
Din ki baat karte hue raat ki lori wahi hai.

Zndagi me jis khushi ka socha nahi,
Wo mil jaati hai teri baahon me,
Usko sametne ko ek janam kaafi nahi hoga,
Agle janam fir tumse milun,wo aas hai aankhon me