Thursday, January 30, 2014

messages from God

When i was in school , i read one of the book from the series "Conversation with God". I really liked the concept for the book and that book is partly the reason I prefer to talk to God like i would talk to mother ( vice versa is true too ) .

But what i have always remembered from that book is that God sends us messages in many ways - song lyrics , some lines in a book , a story sone one told you and so on. It depends on you to recognize it and use the message for your good.

Why i mention it today is 'cause twice since morning i happen to hear and notice sonething that i am not sure how and if at all is meant for me , but it did give me a direction for today .

First was my horroscope ( i usually change the tv channel but not today ) that said 2 thibgs - to keep in touch with friends and secondly not to let my troubles affect my moods and actions too much. I need to stablize myself and i swear i feel close to a breakdown if i don't check myself.

Second is a song i have been listening non stop from last 2 days but today suddenly my attention was grabbed by the below lines -

Lok laaj ki soch ke kyon hai aafat dali,
Tu le naam khuda ka ali ali ..

( why are you so bothered of what society thinks of you , you just keep god's name in your heart .. )

Yes dear God, i been angry with you for the troubles you have sent my way but i am thankful too for the supporting husband and the caring friends you gave me. I know I do not pray much and remember you only when distressed but i never forget that all i am is your blessings on me.

So keep me blessed.
And i will try to be a better human being from today and now.

A line from same song -

Maine to tere utte chaddiya doriyaan ..

( i have surrendered myself to you.. )

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