Thursday, January 30, 2014

messages from God

When i was in school , i read one of the book from the series "Conversation with God". I really liked the concept for the book and that book is partly the reason I prefer to talk to God like i would talk to mother ( vice versa is true too ) .

But what i have always remembered from that book is that God sends us messages in many ways - song lyrics , some lines in a book , a story sone one told you and so on. It depends on you to recognize it and use the message for your good.

Why i mention it today is 'cause twice since morning i happen to hear and notice sonething that i am not sure how and if at all is meant for me , but it did give me a direction for today .

First was my horroscope ( i usually change the tv channel but not today ) that said 2 thibgs - to keep in touch with friends and secondly not to let my troubles affect my moods and actions too much. I need to stablize myself and i swear i feel close to a breakdown if i don't check myself.

Second is a song i have been listening non stop from last 2 days but today suddenly my attention was grabbed by the below lines -

Lok laaj ki soch ke kyon hai aafat dali,
Tu le naam khuda ka ali ali ..

( why are you so bothered of what society thinks of you , you just keep god's name in your heart .. )

Yes dear God, i been angry with you for the troubles you have sent my way but i am thankful too for the supporting husband and the caring friends you gave me. I know I do not pray much and remember you only when distressed but i never forget that all i am is your blessings on me.

So keep me blessed.
And i will try to be a better human being from today and now.

A line from same song -

Maine to tere utte chaddiya doriyaan ..

( i have surrendered myself to you.. )

Monday, January 27, 2014

greater good

Every one was troubled with the smell of diseased skin and the ugly face of death mocking them, but no one dared to touch the corpse. They blamed his karma for the sad death. No one said he died 'cause they would not let him in. He was a leper, thrown out for "greater good"

Sunday, January 26, 2014

just another day

She looked deep into her eyes. Years of surviving in this harsh world had not taken away the shine from the eyes, but there was a new resolve in them. To be hopeful and strong on all days.

She turned away from the mirror and started another day in her life. Like every other day.

Friday, January 24, 2014


This wasn't what she wanted. She cursed the creature with tiger face attached to the body of a human being, some more; followed by real colorful swears for herself. She had spent ten thousand bucks to have a dream boyfriend, royal like a tiger...  If only her dream that night was .. sigh ! 

weighty issues

"I weigh the same" she sighed. He faced his wife standing on the scale at 6 am. Before he could suggest it was good , she added , " the dresses don't fit me"

He smiled at her , and inviting her in his arms, and  whispered "that's my love added on you". Sensible or not , she accepted it.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the kiss

"He leaned forward and placed a tender kiss on her trembling lips. She reciprocated the kiss with passion.."

He closed his diary with a proud smile.His date did not know how to kiss and it was awkward for both, but who wrote such things, he argued with his reflection and went to bed.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Just when we were leaving home , the rains arrived, making holes muddy and people , run for shelter. But he walked slowly, without care. Raindrops hit him hard, and he smiled at their prank. Pulling him under my umbrella, i scolded him while i myself thought of a rain drenched walk after dropping him at school.