Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unjust Love

The naked desires lie forgotten,
all week long, waiting and longing,
for his glance , his touch, one chance;
the kisses that breathe fire into me,
whispers that flow from his lips,
his prayers, or mine, or fears entwined;
the dreams that we revive every night,
which never stand a chance in day,
the world so heavy, the hearts so weak;
the promises we remember from the past,
and wishes we never thought we had,
the love , the longing , the lust , all unjust ?


  1. it's tough when the dreams never stand a chance in day...the longing..the struggle..really can feel the emotions in this...and that last question...? good question.. and a hard one to answer for yourself..

  2. powerful. Seeking, seeking....gosh, this scrapes my bones....

  3. it is good to revive those dreams together each night...i like the anticipation as well...the world def weighs on us as well...nice piece...and good to see you today...smiles.

  4. There is sadness here... beautiful poetry.

  5. A beautiful post, Lady. I also love what you did with your site.

  6. The wistfulness of dreaming, not being sure it will come to pass... how many years of my life did I spend dreaming of one thing while doing another? This hit me right where I live, Nimue, and this blog is lovely, too. Peace, my friend, Amy

  7. The acts of life certainly have a way of interfering with the acts of devotion in love and intimacy...I take refuge in the grace I found in longing without attachment. Give over and love with find a way to flood in <3 love the site changes sister. Send my love always ~ Rose

  8. Lovely flow of emotions Nimue. Sad yet beautiful :)

  9. Haunting. Sad. Heartbreaking.

  10. Omg !! Goosebumps all ovr me....enticing and love the look of your blog,.,..


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