Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Her Pain

The pain was just the beginning,
not the ultimatum she had imagined;
flowing effortlessly around heart,
in and out of the coiled interiors,
her gut,she sighed as she said it aloud;
the pain, like a lover, consumed her
and spit out her loud screams -
the ones she had no control on,
the very kind, she dreaded all times;
the screams , the clenched fists,
the eyes tightly shut, the trembling limbs,
and suddenly it was all gone,
except the throbbing pain -
a dull reminder of the destruction
her lanky master could wreck on her -
the power he held , the terror he served,
the memories she had kept alive,
long after his time was done.


  1. Scars run deep. I hope time helps her.

  2. Pain, indeed. This brought to mind the three women who were rescued this week in Ohio. And so many women who have been the victims of abuse.

  3. Nothing so awful as abuse at the hands of one who is supposed to take care of you. I never experienced physical abuse. My ex-husband could be emotionally abusive, but I know I was to him on occasion as well. We were young and unprepared for the step we took.
    One of my aunts was with her abusive husband for 25 years. I can't even begin to imagine the terror she lived with.

  4. Emotional or physical, the pain caused from bonds of love ma you for long. This poem took over my initial thoughts and sort if write itself in my heart. Am glad it could voice out the pan of millions. God bless all sich souls

  5. The horror that many feel that this is what love is when it is in fact so far from the truth appalls me. This is a master and slave mentality and is not a substitute for mutual trust and affection.

  6. This is powerful, the poem itself seems to sob, beautiful writing, heart-breaking

  7. awesome! kudos to this one... :)

  8. the pain, like a lover, consumed her
    and spit out her loud screams -
    the ones she had no control on, awesomeeee


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