Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unjust Love

The naked desires lie forgotten,
all week long, waiting and longing,
for his glance , his touch, one chance;
the kisses that breathe fire into me,
whispers that flow from his lips,
his prayers, or mine, or fears entwined;
the dreams that we revive every night,
which never stand a chance in day,
the world so heavy, the hearts so weak;
the promises we remember from the past,
and wishes we never thought we had,
the love , the longing , the lust , all unjust ?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Her Pain

The pain was just the beginning,
not the ultimatum she had imagined;
flowing effortlessly around heart,
in and out of the coiled interiors,
her gut,she sighed as she said it aloud;
the pain, like a lover, consumed her
and spit out her loud screams -
the ones she had no control on,
the very kind, she dreaded all times;
the screams , the clenched fists,
the eyes tightly shut, the trembling limbs,
and suddenly it was all gone,
except the throbbing pain -
a dull reminder of the destruction
her lanky master could wreck on her -
the power he held , the terror he served,
the memories she had kept alive,
long after his time was done.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


blank ,
speechless ..
these were just
until his words
tumbled in my heart,
breaking the ties
I so cherished;
the molten lava
turning me into
a pool of tears


Prompted @ OSI , Open Link Night