Friday, April 12, 2013


whispers of care
exchanged with loud words of fun,
two generations talk.

This is dedicated to the time spent with mother this week , the love I come for every fortnight and the cares I cherish every day I am away from home.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Adventure : Head or heart ?

she got it wrong,
the free bird reminded her-
money never goes high.

Sheela sat at her desk , looking out of the window. She could see the sun set in far horizon and the birds return home. she wished she could return home too. Then very slowly , she turned to look at the laptop screen where the Outlook showed a whole lot of emails awaiting her reply. She knew it would be another long day. Or night, she laughed to herself , hearing the office go silent.

If only she had listened to her heart to go on that adventure with him. That unplanned vacation he had so excitedly asked her to take with him. The trip he finally went alone and both of them missed each other so much. Just then, he called her and she made a mental note to join him over weekend, wherever he was and not to return for another week.

The pending work did not make her sad anymore.
She was finally let her heart win over her head.
And she felt lot better after a long time.
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