Monday, March 4, 2013

Shape of Love

what shape should I chose
this fortnight,
to leave a mark,
when I sink my teeth
into your
tanned skin?
what shape should my fingers
chose to teach
you tonight,
as I put the balm
on the scars
of sleepless eyes ?

"unlimited is your reach",
you whisper in my ears
as you curl me up in a shape
that fits in your embrace,
a shape that is always new
like the love I draw for you.


  1. Vampireness? Potentially deadly midnight reflections. Not certain whether of love or hunger or desire. Wonderful poetic thought however.

    (also, you may want to use "choose" in line 8)

  2. yes..
    unlimited is the reach ...physically and mentally

  3. Excellent, full of images and sensuality, loved it.

  4. What beautiful pictures enter one's mind while reading this. Yes, very vampireress and very tender at the same time. Strength and caring while still being sexy, very hard to accomplish but you did it so well.

    Thanks for sharing this loving poem with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope you have a fulfilling weekend and all your desires are met.

    God bless.


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