Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Make a dream

make a dream,
together with him,
the only one,
who dreams of you -
and watch it become
the boxing glove
of one and all,
whom you love.
watch it bear
the blows and punches
smiling at times,
sometime sobbing;
make a dream
of him, for him,
and promise your heart
it shall come true,
no matter what the price,
you belong in his heart,
and he belongs only to you.


  1. I've got to be honest - the boxing glove image isn't working for me at all. Something like a shield might have been a better metaphor to choose - love protecting us, taking the blows on our behalf. Just a thought, and my opinion is only worth what you paid for it :-)

    1. Its a boxing glove for the world - to hurt you.
      Maybe your interpretation is totally different to mine.

      thank you for the honest comment. I will work on the idea more.

  2. I could imagine this being read at a wedding. So sweet...

    1. nice Idea.
      Maybe I will read this at min e ;)

  3. it is nice when two can endure the test of time...and i think that can start as a dream...and when you hold onto it make it through....

    1. you got it right.
      I guess I am going through that phase ..

  4. This a lovely dream, very romantic ~ But like Tony, I thought of a shield or a home to protect your love ~ Have a lovely day ~

  5. What a beautiful piece. To 'make a dream of him'. I really like that alot.

  6. Interesting -- looking at your profile, I looked up "poetESS" in Merriam dictionary and saw it was the archaic form of "poetRess". But Google Ngram says differently and votes for "poetess". Yet on a different scale Ngram shows that "poetress" was popular in the 60's -- thus my bias perhaps. Cool education.

    Question: Was that sarcasm? It sounds like a woman that goes back again and again to an abusive relationship and this poem is her justification. (now looking at the comments -- maybe my impression was similar to Tony - rumoursofrhyme).

    1. thank you so much for the links :) I will check them.

      Frankly , I feel sometimes Love is the boxing glove we wear - both to protect us and also , it is the reason we take up the fight with the world. To defend our love. Wonder why we need to defend our choices at times.

  7. PS -- I just notice that your template does not show the links I offered to you in my comment -- mouse over Ngram in both locations if you interested.


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