Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Strange Lovers

I remember the day I first saw you - walking through the glass doors , shyly looking around till you spotted me. I guess you were more nervous than me - meeting like that for the first time after a month or two of talking online some nights.

I wonder,he said
how could strangers not feel odd
unless I met you.

He thought of the first time she asked to meet. He wanted to watch the movie and her company was not a big price. He got reminded of the warm smile and the non stop talks after the movie - she could talk all time and still would not mind his silence.

broken by people,
whom she thought would keep her safe,
a stranger held her.

Today It doesn't feel so weird, that we are together.
Today it feels so comfortable, like it was planned forever.


  1. a stranger held her ...sometimes it seems to work that way ~

  2. That's a sign of a wonderful relationship :)

  3. This is a thought-provoking haibun, especially the second haiku. Hopefully the stranger can make her feel safe!

  4. Wow Nimue what a delightful and romantic haibun you share here on 'strangers'. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. I love this haibun. And isn't the real truth that anyone you are comfortable to be silent around that is a real friend. :-)

    1. so true !
      and it takes just that special one to make u realize it :)

  6. Simply wonderful, thank you :)

  7. Broken by people - lovely line and a great feel to the whole. Well done

  8. Planned forever is a wonder indeed.

  9. Life is full of wonderful surprises and to meet ones mate is freaking awesome. Meeting someone online can be just as real as meeting someone in real life and in some ways it is better because you each tell things to each other that you may never tell in real life. It is like you get to know what the character of a person is more than the looks. Character will be there forever and looks will fade with time.

    A really nice story that I really enjoyed and thank you for sharing it with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend filled with lots of togetherness.

    God bless.


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