Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love you always

( Translation follows  below )

पिछले एक साल से ,
और उस से भी एक दो महीने पहले से
मेरे कई किस्सों में तेरी झलक ही थी -

वो होटल में आँखें चुराती मैं,
भीड़ में तुझको देख मुस्कुराती मैं,

तेरे हर ख़ुशी के मौके में नाचती मैं,
तेरे आंसूं में पल पल मरती मैं,

तेरी बाहों में सही गलत भूलती मैं,
तेरी आँखों में कसमे वादे ढूँढती मैं,

तेरे प्यार में हर दिन निखरती मैं,
तेरी चाहत में हर पल बहकती मैं,

तेरे वादों को याद कर शर्माती मैं
तेरे होठों को छु कर सिमटती मैं

तेरे दिल में बसाए घर में इठलाती मैं
तेरी साँसों में मेरी खुशबू मिलाती मैं

तेरी मैं
सिर्फ तेरी ...

मेरा तू
आज - कल था - कल रहेगा
हमेशा .. सिर्फ मेरा ।


I do not want some of you to put this into a translation box and trying to understand this poem. so here it is  :

In last one year
and a few months added to that,
I wrote so many times about you -

Me in the hotel room stealing glances,

yet smiling only once i spot you in a crowd.

Dancing in each of your celebrations,

dying bit by bit in the tears that you let fall,

forgetting all the right and wrong in your arms

finding some cliched promises in your eyes,

finding myself pretties each day from your love,

feeling myself tripping in your passion,

blushing in secret as I think of you

losing myself as my lips touch yours,

feeling at home in this heart of yours,

leaving my scent behind in life of yours,

Am yours,

just yours.

You are mine,

from yesterday till tomorrow,
every tomorrow , forever mine.
just mine.

cheers my darling !
Love you हमेशा  (always)  :D


He wrote this for me *dances*


  1. smiles...a wonderful poem the week of valentines...and the journey it takes to that moment of loves bloom as cool you presented it in both languages as well...

    1. I wrote in hindi specially for him. He is trying to read and write a lot in our mother tongue and i am little bit inspired by him :)

  2. Beautiful, though I cant read it in hindi the signs are so beaautiful.

  3. I love that you wrote it in Hindi and English....lovely poem!

  4. Love the sweet words, both in your native language and English ~

    Cheers to both of you ~

  5. Awww!! that is a very tender love-note Nimue...The original is simply brilliant and the translation too brings out the feelings beautifully...
    I have nominated you for the popular Liebster Award Nimue !!

  6. I really love this write. So sensuous and passionate in how you feel. Is this another site of yours? If it is I have missed it.

    1. Yes Renee , this is another of my poetry blog.
      thank you for visiting me here and leaving your love behind :D

  7. thank you for the translation.. it would've been a shame to not be able to understand all this as it was written so beautifully :)

  8. There is so much tenderness and love in your poem - and a strong passion too. It looks beautiful in Hindi; I only wish I could read it in the original language.

  9. I like your use of 'tomorrow'...

  10. happy valentines to you and your love. =)

  11. Aw, very cute. I love how it's also in Hindi. The words look so beautiful (even though I can't read it:P). I also love at the end the repeats of 'mine'. It's great knowing that someone belongs to you romantically, and you to them. Thanks for contributing this week with this sweet poem. Just in time for Valentines. Enjoy yours!

    - Ermisenda

  12. Thank you for the wonderful words everyone :) Am more happy that most of you think hindi is a beautiful language !
    trust me , most indian languages look beautiful in written form :)

  13. Good you translated it. :) Google wasn't helpful, although I love to do it anyway because it reveals structure and sometimes a feel for culture you don't get from the poetic translation. Pretty poem. Very romantic.


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