Monday, January 21, 2013

To do , or not.

I was meeting him after an year. Time , how it changes. From having every meal together , 5 days a week and the monthly movie night; today we stood facing each other trying to find the similarity and the differences in each other.The very air around us was charged with anticipation.

you look stunning.
I always do, I prefer to assume.
And the same tongue too I see.
Blame yourself darling for putting words in my mouth for all senseless talks.
So you admit, you talk non-sense.
Only with you. So you won't have trouble following the conversation.
Ah! that too a favor on me ?
not really. Its an art i practice on you.

I looked around as people walked by us, and yet none of us wanted to either move to a comfortable location or walk away from each other. There was no reason for us to meet. And yet, down to every bone in my body, I always knew we would meet some day and stand in middle of road, deciding which road to take next. Finally he spoke.

you are getting married soon.
Is that a question r statement ?
A request.
why do you have to be the center of all dramas ?
you prefer adventure , I suppose.
Lets do it each other's way then.
You marry some one you want and then run away with me.
you know I can not love two people at same time.
you do not have to love me.
but I do.
then marry me.
I can not.
why not ? I thought that's what you came here for.
You never asked, what I came for.
I am asking now.
Ask properly.
Get lost !
Lets run away.
right now ?
your call.
Wait! you are married right ?
yeah. you too.
Lucky guy.

And then we hugged, knocking out each other's breath with the strong embrace and a kiss that would seal our paths as one, forever.

I was meeting him after an year. Time , how it changes. From having daily skype calls and emailing long love notes while we fought our parents who could not accept us, we were finally married, away from all yet so much happy for the time being.

My real hero walked hand in hand with me as the lights came up on the busy street.

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  1. Wish every story in life had happy ending .. Wish every one has courage to stand for his dreams ..

    1. True thAT :)
      lucky are the ones who get such partners !

  2. Happy is as happy shares! Lovely peom of love!

  3. Beguiling and thought-provoking...

  4. Isn't that the way!? Loved this intriguing poem

  5. This is a nice take on the picture, I love the story you wove into the poem, or is it a poem woven into a story?

  6. marry someone you want, then run away with me
    Oh, Yeah !!!!

  7. Great story, and I loved that opening dialogue.


  8. I read this three times. Everytime, it spoke differently, revealing another layer.

    That is how short stories, lyrical ones especially, should be.

  9. Nimue, your are definitely the word possessed lady.

    1. words possess me , not the other way round :)
      Glad you liked this.

  10. I loved this story, Nimue! So very cleverly crafted... well done! The dialog is superb and the twisted ending flows perfectly into the realm of belief. A very good, intriguing read! Thank you for sharing your words at Two Shoes Tuesday!

  11. Interesting story! I liked the conversation:)

  12. I guessed from the start that these were two soul mates. Loving teasing banter that revealed that these two really loved each other. As Ninotaziz indicated it is great to read it few times.

    1. Glad you read it even after guessing the plot :)

  13. I love "Love stories" that too with happy endings.You play with words and Give them Life:))

  14. Nimue,

    You do know na that one cannot read this story just once or twice? I was drawn to read this over and over again, every time smiling a little bit wider than before.

    Also.. your story itslf is like a poem. it flows.

    And that dialog is super fantastical.

    - SKB

    1. SKB !!! you are a darling you know *hugs*
      thank you reading and re-reading ...

  15. :) :) I can't help smiling :) :) So many beautiful emotions so wonderfully weaved with those words! I feel nostalgic...I feel elated...Thank you for this!


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