Thursday, January 31, 2013


drab or sinful dark,
liquid tendrils inviting
heart pulsates to eat

written for 3ww , theme thursday

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


a love like birdsong,
found reason to be subscribed,
he rescues my pain


This is dedicated to the love of my life ( though I doubt he will read this unless asked. and might not understand unless explained :P )

Written for Haiku Heights , Carpe diem , sunday scribblings

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dreams of dance

I see him in dreams.Like last night, we were dancers -  brilliant , passionate and stunning. You know what I mean ? Like totally WOW.  We look good together, don't we ? So last night ,we performed in a room with mirrors,multiple "we",passion multiplied.

Many such entries were torn the day she killed him.


Written for Picture It & Write

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Her screams echoed in dark - of passion , rage , lust and hate. she hated herself , her body , her inability to love. she could not accept,she was not to love, but to make love to her masters.She placed herself on fire once,literally. Plastic of her machinery preserved her death forever.


Prompted by  Picture it & Write (  anew picture prompt site I discovered recently)
Also for G Man's fridayflash 55

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


her eyes await,
birds to return;memories
adore the dusk sky


Written for Carpe diem , Haiku-heights

Monday, January 21, 2013

To do , or not.

I was meeting him after an year. Time , how it changes. From having every meal together , 5 days a week and the monthly movie night; today we stood facing each other trying to find the similarity and the differences in each other.The very air around us was charged with anticipation.

you look stunning.
I always do, I prefer to assume.
And the same tongue too I see.
Blame yourself darling for putting words in my mouth for all senseless talks.
So you admit, you talk non-sense.
Only with you. So you won't have trouble following the conversation.
Ah! that too a favor on me ?
not really. Its an art i practice on you.

I looked around as people walked by us, and yet none of us wanted to either move to a comfortable location or walk away from each other. There was no reason for us to meet. And yet, down to every bone in my body, I always knew we would meet some day and stand in middle of road, deciding which road to take next. Finally he spoke.

you are getting married soon.
Is that a question r statement ?
A request.
why do you have to be the center of all dramas ?
you prefer adventure , I suppose.
Lets do it each other's way then.
You marry some one you want and then run away with me.
you know I can not love two people at same time.
you do not have to love me.
but I do.
then marry me.
I can not.
why not ? I thought that's what you came here for.
You never asked, what I came for.
I am asking now.
Ask properly.
Get lost !
Lets run away.
right now ?
your call.
Wait! you are married right ?
yeah. you too.
Lucky guy.

And then we hugged, knocking out each other's breath with the strong embrace and a kiss that would seal our paths as one, forever.

I was meeting him after an year. Time , how it changes. From having daily skype calls and emailing long love notes while we fought our parents who could not accept us, we were finally married, away from all yet so much happy for the time being.

My real hero walked hand in hand with me as the lights came up on the busy street.

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Friday, January 18, 2013


The dream of new dresses was turning dismal while the image of her luscious body too faded in comparison to food on table.He knew she needed better reason to lose weight.While she waffled such thoughts in her diary,he made a pass at her best friend.The gym membership was renewed next day.


Written for G-Man's friday flash55 , 3WW

PS : This happens to be my 55th post :D

Monday, January 14, 2013


around his death bed

the winds howl her blue feelings

paradise looks dull


Written for Sunday Scribbling , Haiku Height , Carpe diem

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Wish

if it could be true,
she wished for scripted peace,
tulips smile for her.


written for Haiku height , Carpe diem , OSI

Friday, January 4, 2013


time always leaves
windows into days gone by
you might need again


for Carpe Diem , Theme Thursday , Imaginary Garden


you read it right.
Its not "He-Man" (liked him as a kid),
now I prefer reading G-Man over him.
There is not an idle moment on his blog,
nor a tale that can not be told.
come Friday,the nagging ideas pace in head,
till some tale,for him, is finally penned.


This is dedicated to G-Man and his friday flash fiction.

Also linked to 3WW