Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I love winters. I love colors. So finally I get to wear socks :D
I bought 4 pairs last week - each a different color.
Here's the first one I wore :

Was checking Luke Parker 's blog and read these lovely six-word stories.
He further re-directed me to Jamie's post about the same. Two posts and multiple six word stories later , I was tempted enough to try few -

Bright colors. blinding lights. fluid Illusions.

battle scars. resentment rises. peace buried.
Fake parts, plastc smiles - beauty harvest.

Paintings on her wall imagined loneliness.


her hair color - matched his personality.

Ok, I should stop :D
Do try a few and let me know !


  1. I like your "C" word Colors post, Lady N.
    When will you show us the other three colors?

    When I buy socks I get packages that have several all alike. That way I don't have trouble matching them after I've washed and dryed them.

    Also if one gets lost I still have five and a half pairs left.

    Jim's Alphabe-Thursday[2] posts

    1. My mom too buys the same way !
      but since winters are so dull most times , i love to brighten up :)

  2. Ordinary Words...Soxes in boxes, fleet on feet♫ Inspired blog today♥

  3. I am missing the other colors in your post, too ;) But I do like your poem! I should really try and get better with my words...

    This is my Alphabe- Thursday - for letter 'C' @ ImagesByCW is about Charleston

    1. other colors ! haha !
      will share next time :)

      thanks for liking the words :)

  4. I like your socks. As for me I rarely like to wear socks. I'm not sure why but it rarely gets that cold here. Although most of the year we seem to wear sandals except to work. I like your six word stories. For your first time, I think you did a fantastic job.

    Happy Theme Thursday and have a wonderful weekend.

    God bless.

  5. No don't stop don't ever stop! (Is it onlly just sock weather with you..darn chilly here..two pairs of sock weather..brr)

  6. I love the stories... and your socks! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  7. Nothing beats a hand-knitted sock!

  8. Nimue, cute socks. I just bought a pair that look identical! The "Six-Word Saturday" challenge is always fun, because you have to state your life at the moment in six words:

    MRI over; awaiting results. Biting nails.

    Love, Amy

  9. Thanks for giving these a go... I esp like this one -

    her hair color - matched his personality.

    1. I too loved that :)
      kind of reminded me of old couple who have been together so so long !

  10. What a cute post!

    I'm with you on the socks! I keep seeing the Christmas ones at the store. Resistance is becoming difficult! ha!

    Thanks for the smile.

    And thank you for linking.


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