Monday, November 5, 2012

Habits : A way of life

I call it a habit,its not.

this tumultuous urge
to answer and question
before your question
and after few replies,
this wrath of words
that bite you
and me alike;

Its a key to moods,
to get irritated at rotten moments,
to enable joys at your mere mention,
to feel upbeat to have you with me,
and to put to death anything that bothers you.

I call it a habit,its not.
Its just me.
As I am for you.

Prompted @ Sunday Whirl


Below is an almost similar feelings expressed in hindi.
(dedicated to my love)

aadatein ...

saanson se bhi tez
sunai padti hain,
shabdon se pehle
hi bun jaati hain,
ek jawaab ,
kuch sawaal,
jis se na tum bachte ho,
na hi main khud.

bas aadat hai,
jhallane ki har us baat par
jo khatakti hai mujhko,
sanwaarne ki har wo din
jo tere naam se shuru ho,
aur paane ki har wo khushi
jo teri aadat ban gayi ho,

tere pyaar ki,
mere ajeeb izhaar ki ...

main un se hoon,
vo mujhse hain.



  1. lovely and romantic, and honest.....

  2. The fact that we chose to write about the same topic is such a nice coincidence :)

  3. i looooooved ur hindi version..its sooo beautiful..almost like a sufi song..i tell u, it will make an awsm song :)

  4. is nature....very cool to read it as well in hindi....

  5. definitely one of the most beautiful things I'm going to read this week. You're a treasure, your heart a diamond. <3



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