Friday, October 5, 2012

I sleep well (for me)

"You just dont get it",
he throws the words at me,
and I cant stop laughing.
"I can not sleep in patches",
is all I have to say,
I can not also sleep,
knowing I have to write,
or when my fav show is on tv
or I suddenly remember
a book I left unread last night.
There are many hours,
that I know I should sleep,
and a few more when I could,
but I give it up for reasons,
I can not make any sense
or convince him any day
I too sleep well.


My second poem for OctPoWriMo ( so much for tryign to write 20 poems atleast this month :P )

1 comment:

  1. ha...i sleep maybe 5 hours a night...except maybe once a month when i sleep maybe 7 hours...there is def always things to do...but i also like to just be in the early morning before everyone wakes...


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