Monday, October 15, 2012

Dear Sister

Long time ago,
I sang few lines,
praises of you
and your love
that fills my time;
I wonder if you
remember this
or let those thoughts
behind some where
as you moved on;
so today I thoguht
to try once more,
to appeal to you
with my ways
of dealing words.
will you like
to hear of clothes
the fabrics and colors,
the random mix and match
some lovely, some odd?
Or would you prefer
to hear of the stuff
full of glitter and gloss,
part real,part not
some precious,some lost.
Or maybe you can
finally cherish
the spaces this poem charts,
the smiles that shine free
even as we stand world apart.

Prompted @ OSI , sunday Scribblings , OctPoWriMo


  1. The yearning to rekindle the relationship shines out in this poem of love.

  2. This seems like a peace offering, and a very effective one.

    Your lines "or let those thoughts
    behind some where": did you mean left behind?

  3. A lovely ode to your sister. I like how you sketch the relationship so beautifully.

  4. wow......a lovely gift to the sister.

  5. i agree, a lovely offering for your sister!


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