Monday, October 22, 2012

Black Coffee

It was the same cafe,
or so she thought;
the smiling face at the counter,
guiding everyone about
every cup billed for,
recommending just the right one,
scoring more smiles
from the kind old coffee lovers,
a nod from the new ones,
and an occasional "thank you".
It was all the same
or so she thought
till he read her thoughts,
knew how she sheltered
her pain within the coffee
and sipped on,
ignoring the black coffee
she so hated,
but upgraded her taste still.

Written for The Sunday Whirl , OSI , Sunday Scribblings
Linked to Open Link night - the one place that never ceases to inspire me :D


  1. Coffee is great for socializing. I drink it black myself. Many like I did, start drinking it in their college years, much later than they do alcohol.

  2. magic and touching !

  3. Ah! Black coffee; strong, but with sugar, if I'm looking for a treat; no sugar if I'm thirsty.

  4. Coffee truly does have a special quality. I love the difference in reaction based on age.

    1. I always try to be like the humble old people :)
      young ones usually are too busy to notice such smiles !

  5. mmm nice....subtle but nice....i wonder at how many would realize the bitterness she carries in her coffee...

  6. You paint such a lovely scene here. It's amazing how someone can see right through your pain.

  7. The bitterness in the woman, in the coffee, in the crowd is compared and contrasted effectively here.

  8. wonderful write, Nimue, and great use of the prompts!

  9. This is a rich piece! I like my coffee black with cinnamon generously spinkled over the top.


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