Monday, October 1, 2012


He has been absent
for long;
the doorknob gone cold,
the mats heavy and dull
awaiting his footsteps
that led more to her
than to the house in all.
she has been waiting
so long;
the recipie books torn,
the stoves left to gather dust,
awaiting him in next chair,
her gaze fixed
on stale food,his empty chair.
In an old cemetry he lies,
wondering how long
she could hold on to hopes,
In the adjacent grave she lies
wondering how long
he would take to be home.
The food,the home,
the warmth, the love,
all lost.long ago.

Prompted @ OSI , Magpie Tales


  1. the price of closeness...

  2. Very well written!

  3. such sorrow...beautifully written.

  4. How we miss each other, wherever we are. Solid writing, this.

  5. beautifully expressed, Nimue! one of your best!

  6. A sad October image == nicely done

  7. whew...quite the twist there in the end...already in the grave and wondering when he too will be home....def fits the season

  8. there is a tear that lingers from the end of this, beautiful and aching with love sister. Wonderfully told ~ Rose

  9. Nimue, this is sort of a ghost story, but so delicately woven... Part is tragic, the other part... strange, as they share this separate fate but do not realize the other is in the same place. Wonderful. Peace, Amy, and sorry I have been out of touch, had a full week of Computer Hell.

  10. Oh so poignant - sad but wonderfully written tale.

    Anna :o]


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